Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We made it!

Thankfully Ben arrived in Maple Grove about 10am today, so Descartes and I picked him up on our way out of town just a bit later.  They seemed to get along fine, though Boo wasn't sure why the new guy got the front seat.

Took a lonnnnnng lunch and drove up to get a jump on the storm, then worked late from here.  Definitely a good move - the last 10 miles was pretty much a white out!  Got to the parents' place with perfect timing... Dad had just gone uptown to mail something, so I could sneak Ben into the bedroom.  Mom thinks it's hilarious but Dad... hello, awkward?!  Now just waiting for the surge to trigger and, well, try to get knocked up in my childhood bedroom.  My life never ceases to amuse me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weather permitting

If you were traveling from Spokane, WA to Maple Grove, MN, would you go through Memphis, TN on the way?  Well apparently that's what Ben, my latest potential baby daddy, has chosen to do.  FedEx shows him "in transit" in Memphis at 4:23pm, along with the disclaimer Inclement weather conditions at Memphis hub may cause some service delays and disruptions within the U.S. today.

Meanwhile, here in Minnesota, we're expecting a wave of freezing rain to hit in the morning, followed by snow the rest of the day.  And I would be driving up north tonight to avoid it... if I didn't need to stick around here waiting for Ben.  Sure wish I would have thought to have him fly directly up to Pequot and meet me there.  These long distance relationships can be tricky, but I'm optimistic that we'll make it work.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


We've had our first big snowstorm here in Minnesota.  While the shorter days the change of seasons brings can be hard to take, I love the look of the snow on the trees after the first snowfall.

Not sure if it's the fun of the snow or what, but I've taken the BFN I got this week much better than the previous two.  After the first, I was terribly sad; the second, angry.  This time, I was more annoyed than anything... "ah come on, can't I just be there already?!"  Somehow I think just in the past week, the idea that if it's meant to happen, it will happen, has truly sunk into my conscience.  I also got some good news this week - my insurance company responded to my appeal and agreed with me (I'm amazed!), so I get another $900 in coverage for this year, plus I can count on a full $2000 next year.  So that helps ease the anxiety a little too.  I can't predict how long I'll feel this way, but it sure beats the blahs I've felt the last couple months, so I hope it lasts!

I did figure out that my timing the next couple months is a little precarious.  If my cycles continue as they have the past few months, I should be ovulating right over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday breaks.  Methinks my clinic won't be open... not to mention that fact that I want to be up north with family, not sitting around my house waiting to bug a nurse on call to go in for an insemination.  So, I thinking I'm going to make a change and try another route the next couple months - ICI, or intracervical insemination, at home.  I also found another sperm bank that has less expensive options than the local one I've been using, so going to look into that. Sorry Orlando, it's not you, it's.... well, maybe it is you, maybe it's a lack of chemistry, but you're just not getting the job done, so I need to move on.  Who knows though, I come back to you in January if I'm still at this and go back to the more conventional clinic process! 

Okay, off to take my pooch for a walk in the snow.  Wishing all of my friends and family wonderful Thanksgiving holidays, stay safe and warm!!